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About Music Maps LLC


What is Music Maps LLC?

Music Maps LLC is a music education company that is committed to providing high-quality and engaging music curriculum for the homeschool community, microschools and learning pods, all within reach at an affordable price.

Why is it important to study music?

In addition to fun and enjoyment, studying music has many proven benefits, including improvement in other academic areas, such as math and language; cognitive development in areas such as memory, attention, and social empathy; and a foundation students can use as a life-long, healthy skill to cope with everyday life.

What is Music Maps Method?

The Music Maps Method was created by founder and creator, Sharon Assis (a.k.a Ms. Sharon) as the first-ever story and game-based comprehensive music curriculum specifically designed for the homeschool community, after-school music and enrichment programs, and traditional K-5 classrooms.

Music Maps Method aligns with the National Standards for Music Education, to ensure a well-rounded education in the performing arts. In addition, Music Maps Method aims to incorporate other subjects (such as science, literature, vocabulary and spelling, history, and geography) into its curriculum to enhance understanding and broaden awareness on how music impacts our world.

Music Maps Method touches upon all aspects of music (note-reading, rhythm, sight-singing, and history), using traditional music classroom instruments (such as handbells, drums, rhythm sticks, etc) to lay a solid foundation for a young student to go on to more advance musical study, such as college-level music theory, history, and performance.

Music Maps Method can be used as the primary music curriculum for your homeschool or be used as a supplement.

Subscription plans for the Music Maps Method includes the core curriculum, instructional videos, group classes, parent support and student communities to help facilitated the process of learning music.